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A very simple to use automation software for Sabzi Mandi Commission Agents
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In Sabzi Mandi, The commission agents, sells goods supplied by a farmer (Supplier) to different customers. At the time of sale the one supplier’s account is credited and all the customers account is debited. The Commission Agent’s commission is calculated and posted in respective account. The commission agents have to provide their sale proceeding report (Bill) to the supplier after deducting the expenses (Freight, Postage, Labour etc.). There are a number of issues involved in these transactions.
1. The commission agents have to make adjustments in rate and weight of goods. Sometimes you have to quote higher price to supplier and sometimes you have to quote lower price. Suppose goods are sold for Rs. 1000/-, you may report it 1100/- or report it 900/- to your supplier depending upon your business policy. The same kind of adjustments can be made in weight. Customer’s reports will be maintained as per actual Sale Price and supplier’s reports are maintained as per our desired price. That affect your profit and loss accounts.
2. The stock balance of supplier is maintained lot wise. Sometimes the whole stock is not sold in the same day, then they transfer this stock in a nearby sabzi mandi for sale and receive sale proceeding reports after sales.
3. In manual working the commission agents and their accountants spend more than 7 to 8 hrs. daily to maintain their books, make adjustments, make day wise ugrahi registers (7 days / 4 Days Collection Register), creating customer’s bills, creating supplier’s bills, making outstanding lists (area wise), maintaining stock balance, maintaining stock balance of items sent for sale, reconciling cash/bank accounts, check customer’s accounts etc.
4. As per our survey, business in Sabzi Mandi is very good and profitable. An average commission agent in a town, can sell Fruits and vegetable amounting to minimum of 1 lac Rs. In one or two hours in morning. But to maintain his records, he has to spend 7 to 8 hrs. If this work is carried out with the help of software, he will be able to maintain his accounts in 15 to 30 mins.
5. The main problem in Sabzi Mandi is related to bad debts. If your accounts are not properly maintained and you have no watch over your daily customer, chances of bad debts are high. ‘Red Apple’ shows you which customer has not arrived for how many days. You can attach customer’s photographs with his account details etc.
6. This software is not just for accounts; it removes your tension to a great extent. As per our client’s saying, they have achieved more than 20% growth in business after using ‘Red Apple’, their customer’s balance has been in proper order, cash and bank balance is ok, their parties stock, self stock, stock in store is maintained in proper way. They have a check on non visiting customers, their collection register is maintained properly, your receivables and payables, daily summary, trends and graphical analysis on sales, collections, payments, items, parties is available on a single click. Profit earned is calculated on every transaction, computerized bills and slips make a genuine impression on customer’s and supplier’s mind. These point help in growth of their business in a nutshell.

Salient Features.
• Easy to use. Even a layman with no accounting background can operate this software.
• Maintains Supplier’s accounts and customer’s account from a single entry.
• All the adjustments are reflected in your profit and loss account directly.
• Automatic maintenance of all financial reports like day book, cash/Bank book, Ledger, Trial Balances, Trading account, P&L account, Balance Sheet etc.
• Maintains Party Wise Stock, Self Stock, Store wise stock and stock of items sent for sale.
• Purchase Entry can be configured as Automatic or manual.
• Item Wise ‘Laga’ setting
• Commission, market fees setting as per requirement of your area.
• Automatic Party Bill generation, customer’s Bills, Outstanding Receivable (Ugrahi) registers [upto 8 days]. Area Wise Collection, check on non visiting customers.
• Configure your Invoice within 10 Mins. Open Source Billing with pictures, lines, graphs, colors, fonts. (configurable at user end, very easy)
• Drill Down From Any Report to Entry Level.
• Export, Mail or Fax Any Report in Any Format e.g. Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, etc.
• Window Based Interface.
• Easy, Simple, Flexible, Powerful and affordable.
• No Hidden Cost, No Annual Fees.

Just Download From, install and start using.
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